Change In The Air

I’ts been 11 years now since my first campaigning seminar, 6 years since the publishing of my book Business Campaigning. All those years there were always people who were looking for a new, more effective and efficient approach to change, strategy, marketing, communication, public affairs, etc. These people became clients of my agency (business campaigning Switzerland), joined pro:campaigning or booked seminars and classes.

But recently something has changed. More people contact me proactively and more of them want to contribute to change, engage themselves for an econcomy that creates real value to people and for an advertising and communication industry that “makes sense” and produces really relevant information and communication. Some of them, advertisers or people working with advertising agencies, complain about that business and their colleagues as being arrogant, because if they weren’t they’d have to be self-critical and admit how little they really achieve, how little they change and contribute to their customers’ susccess. I don’t know how much this is true, as I’m not in the industry, but how often do I see advertising that is really inspiring, that changes something in my thinking and behaviour? …

This change was also a focus during our last knowledge exchange meeting in Zurich (ERFA-Abend), where we learned about the FlowTeam method and applied it to pro:campaigning’s strategy as well as on a project that is going to position pro:campaigning as THE international competence center for campaigning (in the areas of political communication as well as marketing, corporate communication, change and management). It was an amazing experience as we started with this idea and found out that there wasn’t so much new to be developed, as it all was there already.

We found out, that as campaigners we work like doctors (“Dr. House”). First of all we produce a proper and serious diagnosis. Then we look into our pharmaceutical catalogue to identify the proper medication. (We are actually working on a communication and management toolbox that is supposed to contain all tools that you might ever need if you want to change behaviour, thinking, perception, sales etc.) And then, we prescribe the proper medication. If we don’t have it in oir practice, we can tell the client where he can get it. This is exactly, how we work. It’s a good model to describe it. A campaigner is a Dr. Change!

pro:campaigning is moving forward. We created an open (“Campaigning Worldwide”) and a closed group on Facebook. More members are joining us. Russia will be added to our map soon, and some people can’t wait to support us actively, in our work for an economy and communication industry that both deliver real value. With our members in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and USA we are preparing an international knowledge exchange platform and our pro:campaigning-agencies network is supporting this actively. Exciting times. Obama’s campaign is a reflection of them, of changes that started years before, as we all remember that it was my friend Joe Trippi, who created the internet-based campaign strategy that was such an important success factor to Obama. Yes, we can, so let’s change the industry towards real target group orientation, really relevant communication, efficiency and effectiveness. An economy that makes sense and creates real value to people. This is why pro:campaigning’s claim is “creating a passion for effectiveness”.


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