Zurich Experience Exchange Night: Strategy Implementation by IG Motorrad

At tonight’s experience exchange night of pro:campaigning in Zurich, IG Motorrad president Theo Klossner is speaking on strategy implementation. IG Motorrad (www.ig-motorrad.ch) is Switzerland’s political advocacy group for bikers. As such, they are a member of FEMA, the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (www.fema.ridersrights.org).

IG Motorrad has a council of politically influential key players and a member group in Switzerland’s federal parliament. As such they have become a major player in Switzerland’s road politics. In 2002 the organization was founded as an initative of business campaigning Switzerland and has grown enormously to almost 3’000 members since then. Their top issues are road safety infrastructure, public transport lane sharing, surveillance state and speed management. Their current strategy was developed in January 2005 and is still functioning and up to date. It was developed according to the business campaigning® model.

“When I prepared myself for tonight I realized how well our strategy is implemented. Studying it again, after years, I realized that it’s still at work. Even board members who have never seen the document, act according to the strategy and live it in their daily actions”, says Theo Klossner. E.g. the defined strategic instruments and the way of applying them is clear to everyone. Core messages, too.

How did they do it? – Theo says, the president needs to be the salesman in the board, the one who brings new ideas, “sells” them to the board and the he needs to control the execution. “In an association like this everything stands and follows with the president’s engagement”, he says. “Employ the people where there strengths are, translate the strategy into a language they understand and don’t push them too hard. Support self-responsibility and empowerment.”

He appeals to obstain from activities that don’t fit into the strategy. They cost money immediately without creating any benefit.

At the end of the presentation we discuss solutions and ideas for various strategic challenges that IG Motorrad needs to resolve. It is obvious that I can’t disclose any details here.


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