Lorenz Keller new at business campaigning Switzerland

business campaigning Switzerland yesterday published the following media release:

As of early this week business campaigning Switzerland is being supported by a new team member, Lorenz Keller. He specializes in the fields of political campaigning, public affairs, election campaigning and strategic communication at the interface between business and politics. Lorenz Keller gained campaigning experience in federal politics, a national mobilization campaign for young voters and the US election campaign of 2006. This summer he is going to gain more even know-how during a German federal election campaign team as well.

business campaigning Switzerland is part of an international network of campaigning agencies. They are specialized on orchestrating all the different communication and management disciplines that can be required to achieve a wanted change. By not limiting to one single discipline campaigning agencies are able to apply a broad spectrum of tools. By choosing those tools with the hightest effectiveness a lot of money can be saved. Their clients avoid “throwing money out of the window”. “Campaigning is waht companies can learn from NGOs, if they want to achieve a maximum with their always limited budget. Especially in our days the campaigning approach is very attractive to companies”, so Peter Metzinger.

business campaigning Switzerland is actually growing in the crisis. We defined the crisis as OUR opportunity last fall already. As a result we re-designed our website and re-defined our corporate identity in order to communicate our specific skills and their specific benefits in these times more clearly. Our mission is to engage for an economy that creates real values as well as communication that makes sense for products that make sense.

More information:


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