Bye bye Helen and Harald

After 7 and 2.5 years Helena Hausheer and Harald Burgener are leaving business campaigning Switzerland. Last night we had a good-bye party to thank them for the huge amount of energy and work they put into our company, and to wish them all the best for the years to come. Helen is going to take a break and Harald is starting his own business, called DREIZWEIEINS GmbH. He received a special gift, a Certificate of Honour for his contributions to the mission of pro:campaigning. He can now call himself “certified campaigner®”. Without Helen our company would not be where we are now. Her work in the background gave us, who we are at the front, the necessary and always totally reliable support we needed to manouevre through the stormiest weathers, whether this was caused by sudden client budget cuts or by an overload of new business coming in. I cannot thank her enough for the years she stayed.

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