Politics2.0 at Netzzunft

Live blog:

Lorenz Keller of business campaigning is speaking tonight at a meeting of Swiss internet heavy-users’ network “Netzzunft”. Title: Politics2.0

According to him political campaigning is about interventions (intervening into existing processes and states of systems).

He compares Web2.0 with a regulars’ table. He criticizes approaches that are based on the assumption that Web2.0 is just another broadcast media, especially when people lose their goals out of sight. Obama on the other side managed to communicate with his followers in a very personalized dialogue. This again mobilized his supporters to take action in the ‘real’ world.

In Switzerland the situation is of course totally different from the USA. What, however, can we learn from it, based on our situation here? Which mechanisms of involving and mobilizing people do function in Switzerland? Most important, he recommends, is to think first and then to try.

Cédric Wermuth of the young socialists, is trying to give a few answers. According to him a political campaign is only message and target group. (I don’t agree, by the way.) Competition is not only coming from other parties but from all other communication targetting the same audience, e.g. retailers and other advertisers.

He gives a few advice on how to correctly approach the right audience.

Important to know is that the short window of opportunity to gain a person’s attention is in the Internet even shorter than with other media. Also, messages in web2.0 are very short-lived. Even more than in normal communication. He doesn’t believe that the quality of communication gets reduced in web2.0 but rather the opposite.

Hw predicts the disapperance of moat of today’s web2.0 platforms and the upcoming of another media monopoly.

So far the blog. Coverage of the following discussion on our campaigning tweed (#netzzunft)


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