A Word About Sereive

by Peter Metzinger

Since I learned campaigning with Greenpeace, back in the 1980ies, the use of cutting edge techniques and technologies has been considered a key success factor, as it allows you to be always ahead of your competitors. The same has applied since I started business campaigning 11 years ago, since when I’ve worked mainly for profit-oriented companies.

It was obvious to me, when Web2.0 came up, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc., that at least I needed to gather experience. When others said they were overestimated, I said these new tools had to be explored. So I started a Facebook account, joined several groups in Facebook, started fanpages for a client, for my book, my agency, a group page for pro:campaigning etc. Then came Twitter. My personal account, a campaigning account, an account for a client, etc.

Soon I found myself in a situation where I wanted to post the same message at the same time to several Facebook walls, several Twitter accounts, plus LinkedIn and this blog. I ended up switching between platforms and copy-pasting. Very time-consuming. Desparately I was looking for an application that would allow me to do all this with one click. I found apps that allow you to post to Facebook and Twitter etc. instantly, but only to one account or wall of each platform… not enough. I found apps that let you post to several Twitter accounts at the same time – but not to Facebook… etc. It was frustrating.

So I decided I needed to find an application developer.

Then, in summer 2009, when we were riding our Harleys my friend Samuli Hiltunen and I realized that we had similar or complementary ideas about web2.0-campaigning. And he is an application developer. He instantly agreed to start this project together.

It rocked. All the time. Discussions took place during bike rides, over beers and chicken wings or while we were at parties. And only 4 months later, our app is released in a beta version. And on this first day our server got overloaded…

We decided to call our application Sereive, a completely artificial name that we invented during lunch time in an Australian restaurant in Zurich, Switzerland. Sereive stands for “send & receive“, and we love that it sounds female. In terms of branding, this is ideal, because we were able to define a whole personality without any risks of conflicts, as there is no other person on this planet with the name Sereive.

Sereive is lifetime free for the first 365 users. Hurry up! Go and play with her. She is easy to handle.


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