Annual General Meeting and Big Bang Strategic Communication

On Monday, 21st Dec., we had our Annual General Meeting, once more in Zurich, Switzerland. Two board members were absent due to snowstorms. Sid Balman couldn’t leave Washington and Michael Laubsch got stuck in Bonn, Germany. There is not much too report except for the election of two new board members: Christine Hinnen and Martin Fritsche.

We discussed our plan to bring campaigners and inspiring authors from all over the world together, but it would be far too early to publish anything now.

While the AGM took place during lunchtime, we had another event in the evening: Big Bang Strategic Communication. It was the first come-together of marketing and communication specialists who are explicitly unhappy with the way marketing and communication are handled in business and nonprofit organizations. The purpose was to work out solutions, but in the end they all worked on USPs and branding issues for campaigning as a comprehensive way of thinking and acting. The most important outcome is probably the statement that communication success can be measured.

For details check the project platform:


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