Arrival of „The One to rule them all“

Media Release of 23rd December 2009

Professional Social Network Manager Sereive released

Zurich, Switzerland. Two Switzerland based companies announced today the release of „Sereive“, the currently most advanced Professional Social Network Manager. From a single website „the One to rule them all“ users can post a message simultaneously to an unlimited number of walls within a growing number of social networks. Each time a user posts a message, he or she can choose where she wants to post it to. According to her developers, Sereive has been designed for professional social networkers, like campaigners, IT entrepreneurs, marketing and PR professionals or musicians, who need to post fast and often. Sereive uses HTML5 and jQuery JavaScript Framework, is based on a freemium business model and optimized for all modern web browsers. Sereive is free for the first 365 users.

For example a networker may want to post a certain message to his Facebook wall and to his personal Twitter account. Before Sereive he had to write the message, post it to his Facebook wall, copy it, switch to Twitter, paste the message there and then press the „send“-button again. It was a time consuming activity, especially when done on a mobile device like an iPhone.

The same activity took even more time if he wanted to post the message to several Facebook walls, like his personal wall, his band‘s Facebook page, his industry association‘s Facebook skillshare-group, his personal and his business Twitter accounts, to MySpace, LinkedIn and more.

According to her developers, Sereive has made the copy-paste procedure unnecessary. She saves professional social media networkers valuable time. With Sereive, all networks and walls can be controlled from the same website. All a user needs to do is type his message and then check those checkboxes belonging to the walls to post to. And then press the send-button. „It can‘t be easier“, Sereive‘s inventors Samuli Hiltunen and Peter Metzinger agree.

Sereive is a co-production of “business campaigning Switzerland GmbH” and “Kiwi Custom by Samuli Hiltunen”. She was born during a refreshing Harley-Davidson drive up in the beautiful Swiss mountains on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Sereive‘s appearance is optimized for ALL modern Web Browsers, including Internet Explorer, which normally causes a lot of trouble. She is said to handle queries in a very efficient way. Sereive uses Web 2.0 technologies, such as jQuery which is the best Javascript Framework, according to Sereive‘s creators, and also contains latest technologies including HTML5, PHP5 and MySQL as backend. Open Source is the key for success, since it brings transparency and cutting edge technology.

„And one of the totally coolest features is, that the page is not reloaded all the time like in normal web sites. It is dynamic to load only when needed. Of course there is caching etc., but this is one step to more and more efficient browsing experience“, says Samuli Hiltunen, Sereive‘s Chief Technology Officer.

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