Currywurst Campaigning Night

By Peter Metzinger

As chairman and secretary of the international industry association pro:campaigning it is my duty to organize monthly skillshare meetings (ERFA-Abende) in Zurich, where most of our members are based. During these skillshares we either develop further the concept and understanding of campaigning or we work on a problem that one of our members presents or we listen to a presentation that teaches us new things. However, due to a still small number, those meetings cannot take place every month.

As the owner of business campaigning Switzerland, a campaigning agency without employees that works exclusively with independent partners, it is my challenge to keep the partner network alive and make sure they share the same spirit and the same understanding of the agency’s identity as well as the concept of campaigning.

It is obvious that both groups can profit from each other if they come together for joint skillshares and informal get-togethers. Read here, what I did to bring both groups together and have them benefit from each other: Currywurst Campaigning Night


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