Why Does business campaigning Switzerland Sponsor A Rock’n’Roll Band?

In a recent blog post Peter Metzinger explains, why he is sponsoring the current Swiss tour of ’77, a band from Barcelona that he calls “the reincarnation of Bon Scott with AC/DC”.

Some of you might have noticed that I changed my claim and the one of business campaigning Switzerland. It is now

Campaigning like Rock’n’Roll

Rock’n’Roll has a lot to do with how I understand Campaigning. Rock’n’Roll is passion and dynamics. Rock’n’Roll requires a lot of hard work and discipline if you want to achieve anything that matters. Rock’n’Roll is all about creating a broad range of songs with just a few chords. Rock’n’Roll is the art to have on one side a clear concept and on the other hand to improvise in tune with the change of circumstances. Rock’n’Roll is to reduce things to the maximum, to keep things simple but yet not irrelevant or without a message. Rock’n’Roll writes history. Rock’n’Roll polarizes, there are fans and opponentes, but everybody knows what Rock’n’Roll stands for.  Rock’n’Roll is authentic. Rock’n’Roll is about breaking the laws and finding a third way/solution/option, where other can see only two. Rock’n’Roll is about creativity, not only in the sense of creating something outstanding but also in the sense of creating something that lasts, something timeless and self-sustainable. Rock’n’Roll is about creating a movement. Rock’n’Roll  changed the world and made it a better place to be. Rock’n’Roll is pure energy. Rock’n’Roll is my personal passion, just like Campaigning. If you understand Rock’n’Roll, then you understand the way I work.

Read more about the band, his motivation and download the flyer he created on www.petermetzinger.com


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