Pro Nuclear Campaigning Strategy in Germany

March 14, 2011

In the light of the latest events in Japan (#Fukushima) the German magazine Der Spiegel published a strategy paper written by an agency that claims the 109 pages long concept was “just an acquisition paper”. Yeah, yeah… It was sent to E.on, Germany’s leading nuclear power operator and aims at getting political support for nuclear by presenting the industry as climate friendly and green. Additional elements are networking, lobbying, “silent” PR (to not provoke opponents) and targeting key players in politics and the media. It’s a master piece, I think, that is not going to work, because the authors themselves say, that any nuclear incident with radioactive fallout would kill the strategy. Unfortunately the strategy is in German only.

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Rentenklau, Lohnklau, Logoklau, Sujetklau – in der Schweiz sind nur Diebe unterwegs (German only, cause very Switzerland related)

January 29, 2010

By Peter Metzinger

The following post is in German only, because it’s relevant only in Switzerland. Or at least you would have to know a lot about Switzerland to understand it.

Ein Bericht von gestern in “20 Minuten” (hier klicken) und ein YouTube Video, das ich heute entdeckte (siehe unten) gaben mir den Anstoss, einen Beitrag über die immer spannender werdenden Kampagnen für und gegen eine Senkung des Pensionskassen-Umwandlungssatzes zu schreiben. Wegen der Thematik schreibe ich Deutsch. Aber der deutschsprachige Raum ist gross, weshalb ich für die Nachbarn der Schweiz etwas weiter ausholen muss.

In der Schweiz gibt es alle drei Monate Volksabstimmungen zu Volksinitiativen. Ausserdem zu Referenden, Gesetzesvorlagen ergriffen werden, die vom Parlament beschlossen wurden. Aktuell gibt es immer spannender werdende Kampagnen für und gegen eine Vorlage, die das Pensionskassensystem betrifft. Um die Kampagnen zu verstehen, muss man dieses Pensionskassensystem verstehen, weshalb ich ein wenig weiter aushole.

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Horsepower – Just a Marketing Tool

March 20, 2009

I watched a documentary yesterday on James Watt and the steam engine invented by him. It’s a masterpiece for start-ups. Watt had developed a steam engine that was far more efficient than the ones being used before. Their main field of employment were mines in Cornwall, where huge water pumps were needed to pump the water out of the mining tunnels. However, as those first generation steam engines were so inefficient, they consumed so much coal, that the whole mining industry in the area was short of bankruptcy when Watt invented his engine.

However, his engine was more expensive than the older ones. But it was  a lot more powerful, too. Now how do you convince a mine-owner to buy a much stronger steam engine, when he doesn’t understand the advantages, as he sees only the higher price, which he cannot even afford? – Very simple: instead of selling the engine let him rent the machine for a price of one-third of the amount of money that he is now saving. AND, and here is the clue: invent a new measuring unit that he understands. Every miner of those days knew how much a horse was able to move. Watt therefore invented a new power unit, which he called Horsepower. With this intervention into the system of measurement and communication he was extremely successful and able to beat his competitors with the older engines.

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