Currywurst Campaigning Night With Business Feng Shui

March 16, 2011

Live blog by Peter Metzinger

Another Currywurst Campaigning Night Zürich. Our speaker tonight is Nicole Brandes

Her topic: Business Feng Shui. I had invited her after finding out how many companies use Feng Shui to increase productivity and sales.

While we in Europe often consider Feng Shui as something esoteric, Nicole shows us concrete examples of Feng Shui at work in wolrd famous buildings. In Asia it is widely accepted. Feng Shui in China once was a secret science that only the emperor was allowed to apply.

After prohibition by Mao, Feng Shui started to spread world wide. Mao himself was a Feng Shui fan.

Nicole shows examples of Chinese buildings built such, that the “money energy” is able to flow in. One of Nicole’s masters was invited by the World Economic Forum to analyse their Feng Shui and teach the world leaders.

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