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In a world were many are searching for more effective ways to achieve their goals and change through means of management and communication, campaigning offers an effective and efficient approach. Campaigning is strategic, interdisciplinary and wholistic. It is an expansion and/or alternative to more conventional methods. It means pulling out all of the stops to achieve goals in the most effective and most efficient way.

pro:campaigning is the international industry and professional association for campaigning. Our members come from Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the USA. Our mission is the promotion of education, quality, innovation and further development of campaigning theories.

We have worked out a definition of campaigning, quality standards, a Code of Conduct and a certification system. Everybody can become a member of pro:campaigning. Membership requires a commitment to our quality standards and our code of conduct.

Members benefit from exchange of know-how and experience, an international network and access to internal information on theory, practice and the latest tools and their application. They can also publish on our blog.

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