Are Twitter Followers Better Than Facebook Fans?

By Peter Metzinger

Just read the following article from It says that according to the final edition of ExactTarget’s “Subscribers, Fans and Followers” report:

  • Twitter followers were more than twice as likely to buy a brand which they followed than Facebook users. In other words: Twitter followers are more loyal and easier to mobilize
  • Because of Twitter’s much smaller user base just 3% of US internet users follow a brand through the microblogging service
  • Those who do follow brands on Twitter are likely to be influencers in general, while Facebook users are more like the average consumer
  • Since Facebook users often become brand fans on the site because they are already fans in real life and want to use the brand as part of their self-image, it may be more difficult for them to actually increase their spending or advocate for the brand more than they did before “liking.”

Read the complete article here:


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